Adata XPG Vento Pro 120 PWM Cooling Fan


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  • Cooled by Nidec Gentle Typhoon
  • 4-Pin PWM Connector
  • Daisy Chain Capability
  • Dual Bearings Efficient and Silent Performance
  • High Static Pressure

XPG Vento Pro 120 PWM Cooling Fan

Adata XPG Vento Pro 120 PWM cooling fan has teamed up with Nidec, improving the original GentleTyphoon design to provide a tailored solution for modders and PC gaming enthusiasts that want only the absolute best.
Cooled By Nidec Gentle Typhoon
The best overall static pressure optimized fan makes a strong comeback for the most demanding builds in a revisited capacity.

4-PIN PWM Design And Daisy Chain Capability
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) allows motherboards to alter fan speed RPM dynamically and smoothly without annoying stepping. Flat cable design paired with its Daisy Chain capability, it’s easy to connect and simultaneously operate together to manage temperatures more efficiently.

High Precision Dual Bearings
Equipped with high-precision Japanese quality Dual Bearings, XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM fan can withstand heavy-duty loads and endure the highest thermal environment. Dual Bearings also operate with greater efficiency, granting quiet spinning and a longer lifespan.
High Static Pressure And High Airflow
XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM has high static pressure up to 3.15mm H₂O, and it’s capable of producing up to 75 CFM airflow, making it an ideal air intake/exhaust gear to complement water cooling radiators or to be installed at the front despite front panel and dust filter limiting airflow.
Quieter By Nidec Design
Innovative fan motor design and motor support mechanism utilizes a double-vibration reduction structure and a spring instrument to greatly dampen and reduce vibration. In addition, the fan propeller is meticulously designed to reduce the disturbing frequency fan noise to a more refined “vibration tone” better suited to human ears. In addition to the 4 anti-vibration rubber pads, XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM operates at a mere 28dB(A) even at its maximum fan speed of 2,150 RPM (100% duty cycle).
High Thermal Endurance
XPG Vento Pro 120 PWM fan has a verified MTTF (mean time to failure) of 250,000 hours at 25℃, or 60,000 hours at 60℃ ambient, which makes it ideal for heavier duty loads, e.g. more space-constrained builds with higher internal temperatures. Taking advantage of the high precision dual bearings, XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM Fan can quietly operate and maintain stability at a large temperature range.
• 120 x 120 x 25mm
Bearing Type
• Dual Bearings
• 4-Pin PWM
Speed (RPM)
• PWM Mode:900 ~ 2150 RPM ± 10%
• DC Mode:450 ~ 2150 RPM ± 10%
Fan Max Air Flow (CFM)
• 75 CFM
Fan Max Static Pressure (mmH2O)
• 3.15 mm H₂O
Fan Noise Level (dBA)
• 10 – 28dBA (Max)
Fan Rated Voltage
• DC 12V
Fan Starting Voltage
• DC 5V
Fan Operating Voltage
• DC 5V~13.2V
Fan Rated Current
• 0.16A (Max)
Fan Power Dissipation
• 1.56W
Fan Protection
• Auto-Restart
• 25℃:250,000 Hours
• 60℃:60,000 Hours
Cable Length
• 620 ± 10mm Total
• Including a 450mm Extension Cable
• Daisy-Chain Capable
• Product:210g (7.4oz)
• With Package:230g (8.1oz)