Samsung 25w Mobile Fast Charger 3 Pin Original


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  • Samsung Original Super Fast Charger
  • 25w Adaptor
  • 3 Pin UK

Samsung 25w Mobile Fast Charger 3 Pin Original

Samsung Mobile Super Fast Charging(SFC) is Samsung’s charging method based on Power Delivery 3.0. SFC is supported forGalaxy Notes (Note10 and higher),
Galaxy S series (S10 5G and higher), and other SFC capable devices. PD(Power Delivery) 3.0 Is USB IF Standard To Charge Quickly Over USB-C. Super Fast Charging Fuels Up Galaxy S20 And Galaxy Note20 More Than 50% Within30 Minutes.
  • According To The Results Derived From Internal Samsung Lab Tests Conducted
  • With The Above-Mentioned Devices While They Had 0% Power Remaining On The Battery,
  • With All Services, Features, And Screen Turned Off.
  • Fast Charging Is Supported For Compatible Devices Such As IPhone 8 And Higher.
  • Actual Charging Speed May Vary Depending On The Actual Usage,
  • Charging Conditions, Connected Devices And Other Factors.
  • For Optimum Results, Please Use With Authentic Samsung Cables
  • Which Can Be Purchased Separately.
  • Compatible With Various Devices
  • Wall Charger Does The Job For Android Devices As Well As Devices That Run Different, Operating Systems.
  • For This Wall Charger, The Size Of Your Devices Isn’t A Problem; From Earbuds To Laptops,
  • Take Advantage Of An Ideal Charging Time For Your Devices At Speeds They, Can Manage To Handle.

Enjoy The Flexibility Of The USB Type-C

  • Enjoy The Flexibility Enabled By USB-C Compatible Cables. You Can Alternate The Types Of Cables
  • To Charge A Variety Of Mobile Devices That You Own. Just Plug In A Cable – There’s No Need
  • To Change The Adapter Plugged Into Your Wall Outlet.
  • Charging Cable Not Included.
  • Compatible With All Standard USB Type-C Cables Such As USB-C To USB-C, USB-C To, Lightning And Etc.