Darkflash Aigo AK600 Max 600W Power Supply

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Darkflash Aigo AK600 Max 600W Power Supply


1: Power 600 watts, suitable for high-end computer configuration

2: Comply with Intel ATX12V specification design, support Intel, AMD full range

3: Energy efficient silent fan

4: Built-in PFC, dual magnetic ring magnetic amplifier circuit, high frequency low resistance filter capacitor,

Ensure that the current is pure and stable

5: 12cm hydraulic bearing fan, quiet and durable, large air volume

6: Intelligent temperature control circuit design, automatically adjust fan speed, extend service life

7: Large speaker capacity, large capacity, support for wide use, can still be used under unstable voltage environment


8: Multi-function protection circuit design, with overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, undervoltage, short circuit,

Light protection

9: Innovative pest control technology design.


1: Power supply size: 140mm * 150mm * 86mm

2: Power standard: ATX 12V

3: Applicable to CPU range: AMD, Intel

4: PFC type: active PFC

6: Maximum power: 600W

7: Efficiency: 80%

8: Input voltage: 160V-264V

9: 3.3V output current 20A

5V output current 15A

12V1 output current 48A

– 12V output current 0.3A

5Vsb output current 2.5A

10: Support wide voltage: Yes

11: Support temperature control PWM: Yes

12: Certification: CB, CCC, FCC, Class, B, CE, ROHS

13: Product weight: 1900g

14: Support power: 20P / 24P motherboard

15: Power Output Design: Multiplex 12V

16:IDE interface: 2

17: SATA interface: 4

18: CPU interface: P4 4

19: Video card interface: (6PIN 2)* 2

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