Adata XPG Prime ARGB Motherboard Extension Cable


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  • Stunning ARGB lighting effect
  • Support control software from major motherboard makers
  • 24 pin MB connector
  • ARGB lighting controller with 8 effects
  • Patented ultra-dense optical fiber sleeving

Adata XPG Prime ARGB Motherboard Extension Cable

Adata XPG prime motherboard extension ARBG cable expands your dazzle. Let your rig come to life with lighting effects that are controllable with third-party RGB software from major motherboard manufacturers.

Stunning ARGB Lighting Effects

Your rig will turn heads with ultra-bright ARGB LEDs lighting effects.

Compatibility With Various RGB Software

Control the lighting effects with ease via RGB software from major motherboard manufacturers.

Supports 24-Pin Motherboard Connectors

24-pin connector support allows you to extend the length of the supply connection. The built-in controller has eight built-in ARGB effects, giving you more options.

Ultra-Dense Optical Fiber Sleeving

To enhance lighting transmittance and vivid colors while retaining real cable functionality, we have created a patented sleeve made of fiber optics specifically for this application.

Pure Copper Strand Cables

With a thickness of up to 16AWG, these pure copper strand cables are quality that you can feel and reduce resistance while increasing efficiency.


Cable Type

  • 24-pin PSU extension cable

Cable Gauge

  • 16 AWG

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • 222 x 64.2 x 15mm

Fiber Optical Sleeved

  • 150mm ± 10mm

Operating Voltage

  • + 5Vdc


  • 0.54A ± 5%

LED Type

  • ARGB LED 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.65mm (LED-ICR001)


  • 100nits ± 20%

Color Rendering Index

  • 80

RGB Chip Quantity

  • 36 pcs

Package Contents

  • XPG PRIME ARGB EXTENSION CABLE – MB x 1 ARGB LED lighting effect controller x 1
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